Top 5 Romantic Experiences Around The World

So you're planning to go on a romantic trip with your spouse or beloved and want to make it memorable for the rest of your life? Well, I have listed 5 of the most romantic things that you can experience in your life based on the reviews of millions of travelers.



Couple walking on a beach. Photo provided by the author, Adam Wilson


The following list will hopefully help you to decide on activities that will excite you. Get ready for the most romantic tour of your life.

Go for an exciting helicopter ride - Well, what better option will you get to revive the first date nerves than whisking your beloved in a spectacular helicopter ride? Drink some wine or champagne while enjoying the breathtaking view of the spectacular views of Paris, London or New York; or even better – take a flight over the Grand Canyon and enjoy the picturesque beauty of the Lake Mead, the Hoover Dam, and of course the epic itself – I mean the Canyon!


Try out an exotic dinner with some romantic dancing - If both of you are foodies and are passionate about trying out the different cuisines of the world, then this is surely the ideal choice; and if you can spice it up with a romantic ballet show or a romantic Tango show, trust me, the day is yours! The dancing waiters will add even more to your exotic dinners. Consider booking some ballet dinner package where you will get the charm of enjoying the food while treating your eyes with some of the finest dance performance of the world. To be a little naughty, step out on the dance floor with your date, offer her some surprise gift and rekindle the romance.


Take a long road trip – If you don't want adrenalin rush and yet want to get romantic, take your date on a long drive. Cherish the memories of your past days, feed her something that she loves very much or you can even take your kids if you want to make it a family trip as well. In that case hire a 5 passenger van rental from the local car rental services.

Consider floating in a hot air balloon - You might have witnessed the morning hues and the sunrise from sea beaches or from the top of a hill station; but how about getting a spectacular view of the sunrise while floating in a hot air balloon with the most special person of your life? Consider soaring above the Las Vegas Strip in a relaxing hot air balloon ride. Or else you can also opt for a private ballooning trip over the vast coast of the Mediterranean.


Take a cruise ride under the stars - You must be very exciting about this and you should be as well. Sail down the moonlit waters beneath a sky, studded with countless stars; trust me this would surely lead you to be the most romantic person of the world even if you are not so in the real life. Head to the city of bright lights so that you get a glittering view of the high skyline; or you can also take a New York Cruise (including the dinner in the package) to enjoy the view of Empire State building, the Statue of Liberty and the historical city of Manhattan!


Author’s Bio: Adam Wilson is a well know writer and blogger. He also writes for a branded car rental company ( in Brampton, Canada.