7 Natural Wonders You Haven't Thought Of

Natural Wonders are amazing destinations to visit for travel and I truly believe that nature and travel mix very well.


Many of us like to travel and take holidays to get away from our busy schedules and lives back home and often look for somewhere to relax, unwind and to destress, which is part of the reason so many tropical islands are so popular travel detinations.


I'm sure you're already aware of the common 7 Natural Wonders of the World but probably also realise the world is full of amazing natural beauty and wonder.



Below are listings of the top 7 that didn't make list but are equally as beautiful to visit.


1. Sundarban Forest


This forest which is located over two countries; Bangladesh and the West Bengal province of India is one of the best spots for viewing wildlife.

The forest is a complex system which contains swamps and mangrove forest and is a place that provides home for the endangered Bengal tiger. Apart from the tigers visitors may also spot jungle cats, fishing cats, mongoose, wild boar and on occasion leopards.


The swamp provides perfect environment for reptiles too which includes many forms of lizards, monitors and the unusual looking crocodile species known as the gharial.


2. Ayers Rock


Ayers RockUluru/Ayers Rock is a large sandstone rock that rises high above the Australian Outback on a seemingly flat area and is an Aboriginal icon.

This site is famous for the illusion of its changing colours throughout the day where it's said no two photos end up the same.


There are numerous Aboriginal rock art sites as well as tours with the local tribe to introduce visitors to local flora and fauna. Aerial view by helicopter or scenic flights is especially popular here as it allows for unique photographs of the entire rock.


3. Mount Olympus


Once believed to be the home for the Twelve Olympian Gods who sat high above the lower lands on one of its fifty two peaks.


The highest peak raises Mount Olympus to 2,197 metres (9,570 ft) high and climbing for most levels is accommodated for. It is the last peak known as Mytikas that denies the majority of its ten thousand climbers per year from reaching the mountains summit.


4. Iguassu Falls


Another place that is full of legend and folklore is Brazil and Argentina's Iguassu Falls which in my eyes in one of the world's most impressive waterfalls. The water flows through Brazil and tumbles over, mostly on the Argentinean side with varying lengths of sheet water thanks to the many broken islands on top of the waterfall.


The falls form a shape of the letter 'J' with the bottom, curving portion being known as the Devil's throat where the majority of water is pulled towards which in turn tumbles even faster down the falls.



5. Red Sea Reef

This seawater inlet of the Indian Ocean between Africa and Asia is a scuba diver and snorkelers delight. The waters are warm, the visibility is nearly two hundred metres and the marine life is in abundance.


Some amazing underwater attractions that are found at the Red Sea Reef include the Ras Mohammed National Park, St John's Reef and Daedalus as well as a popular and accessible ship wreck of the SS Thistlegorm.


Mammoth Caves6. Mammoth Caves


In America's state of Kentucky are the Mammoth Caves, the longest underground cave system found in the world covering 640 kilometres that have been explored. And although the name may suggest evidence of the woolly mammoth it is actually named so for its sheer size. The cavern is lined in limestone and compacted in by sandstone making is a strong and stable.


Caving tours are quite popular here and there are many different tours to cater for all levels of cavers with the most notable features being the Grand Avenue, Fat Mans Misery, and Frozen Niagara.


7. New Caledonia Barrier Reef


The second largest barrier reef in the world is the New Caledonia Barrier Reef which mostly surrounds the islands of Grande Terre Island and the popular cruise ship destination Isle of Pines.


Although the reef is only a depth of 25 metres (82 ft) deep on average it stills gives home and shelter to over a thousand species of fish and over 6,500 marine invertebrate. The reef also provides home for the endangered dugongs, green turtles, sharks, rays, dolphins and on occasion humpback whales.


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Article Source: Daniel Hardie | EzineArticles