The Faroe Islands

I discovered the existence of the Faroe Islands quite by accident. I was listening to a song that sounded absolutely magical, sung in a language I had never heard before. I wanted to know more. The song was called Dansadu Vindur, and the singer was the beautiful Eivør Pálsdóttir, probably the most famous of all Faroe Island music talents. The language was Faroese, an ancient language spoken only on the Island. 


I will be making a trek to the Faroe Island at some point soon, sometime during summer months when the weather is at its best. Following it what I have discovered about the tiny island nation that I will be covering at length when I get there.


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I'm a music lover. I have no preference as to a genre. I purposely avoid having a preference because to have one would taint my enjoyment of other forms of music that may be created with unique instruments. To experience a culture fully, it is necessary to embrace its music. That said, the Faroe Islands have a traditional, and very good national orchestra, the Faroese Symphony Orchestra