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Sifnos, the Ultimate Taste of the Aegean

For lovers of good food and enviable restaurants, for those who wish to leave the beaten track and uncover new sensations, new aromas, new tastes; for those who like to be surprised and discover the best of Greece, for those who are looking for unique and authentic experiences, gorgeous scenery, relaxing beaches, whitewashed houses and traditional village life we are passing the secret of Sifnos on to you!

Sifnos owes its fame as a foodie island to Nicholas Tselementes, one of the most influential cookery writers during the early 20th century, born in Sifnos, whose name is now synonymous with cooking.

Gastronomy is at the heart of life of Sifnos, and the extensive awareness of the island's excellent cuisine has led to expanded interest in Sifnos.

Vathy harbour Greek island of Sifnos

Every year, in September, the picturesque town of Artemonas hosts the Cycladic Gastronomy Festival of Nikolaos Tselementes. Ambassadors from the Cyclades islands meet in Sifnos to present their unique gastronomic and cultural traditions. Take a walk to town and the aroma of freshly cooked delights drifting down the narrow paved alleys will fascinate you.

No foodie trip however, would be complete without attending a cooking course and learning how to make the famous 'mastelo' - lamb cooked in a traditional clay pot - or the mouthwatering traditional 'loukoumades' and cookies that will definitely delight you.

Sifnos, is among the most elegant islands of Cyclades.The lover of Cyclades will find everything on the island; distinctive white cubic houses, stoned-paved labyrinth alleys, abandoned old windmills, charming chapels with colourful domes and hospitable people. The past years Sifnos has become the ultimate escape of the jet set including many distinguished movie stars, singers, artists and politicians.

Although it is among the most popular Greek islands, life on Sifnos, seems to move at a much slower pace than what we're used to but this is actually the island's added value. It is indeed a laid-back place where one can taste the aroma of Cyclades, enjoy a good conversation with friends, an exceptional dinner or a romantic drink, and a stroll around the whitewashed villages.

However, the extensive network of professionally signposted hiking trails, crisscrossing the island, will fascinate not only the trekking enthusiasts but also the more laid-back types as they can combine their culinary holidays with walks to discover step by step the history, tradition, culture and nature of the island before enjoying a memorable local meal.

With its glamour, crystal clear waters, secret coves, scenic beaches and hot summer sun Sifnos is a hit with yachties who fall for the ravishing sunsets and amazing seafood or come for the laid-back vibe and traditional architecture.

Be inspired and, with passports in hand and appetites in check, plan your culinary vacation in Sifnos, one of the best gastronomic destinations in Greece.

Author: Ariadni Gergatsouli through