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Hidden Inca Tours is your resource for everything pertaining to the Inca, Machu Picchu, Cusco, the Sacred Valley of Peru, and much more. Hidden Inca Tours is not just a “tour company” but a research group that welcomes you to join us as we explore and unravel the mysteries of the ancient structures found in Peru and Bolivia to try and discover “who really built the megalithic structures” and “when were they created”?


Hidden Inca Tours isn't conventional company with an owner or owners, and employees. In fact it's not a company at all. It's more of an idea and a philosophy that pools the knowledge and resources of many people, especially Peruvians, into an expansive, cohesive expansive group. The goal of the group is to share what they know with visitors from all walks of life in order to assist them in their mental, physical and spiritual growth so that when they return to their home country, they are changed for the better.



The Hidden Inca Tours group is a collection of men and women with extensive knowledge of ancient Peruvian cultures and unique areas of interest they are willing to share with visitors.


Hidden Inca Tours LogoTouring the ruins of Cusco and the Sacred Valley with Hidden Inca Tours is not so much a sightseeing tour as it is an incredibly interesting, learning experience.


On the tour, you'll be shown scientific evidence, as well as learn of the oral traditions that make it abundantly clear that at least two great civilizations preceded the Inca. What's even more interesting is that these ancient cultures possessed sophisticated technology, and not just for it's time. In many cases, the technology developed by these ancient, long forgotten civilizations challenges our modern technological advances. This is especially so when it comes to the cutting, shaping, transportation and precision placement of the massive stones used as building blocks. The structures are thousands of years old, some dating as far back as 12,000 years ago, used no mortar to cement the blocks together and are aligned so precisely that a sheet of paper can not fit between them.


Day Tour Of Inca Cusco


The day tour of Cusco lasts about 4 hours and begin in the Plaza de Armas, which is the heart of Cusco. Although the conquering Spanish destroyed most of the temples and palaces of the Inca to build their own houses and churches, many examples of the megalithic construction of the Inca and older civilizations still remain within the ancient heart of the city.




Cusco was laid out in the shape of a Puma by the Inca. The oldest part of the city that is explored while on the day tour is located within this original Puma design built by the Inca.


Major sights on the tour are the Inca Roca palace, Coricancha, which was the spiritual center of the Inca. While visiting Coricancha, you'll be able to examine the amazing technical accuracy of the stone construction that may actually predate Inca inhabitance of Cusco by more than 12,000 years. For example, the drill hole in the photo below was made thousands of years before the Inca are know to have occupied Cusco.


Ancient drill hole


The price of the Cusco day tour is under $50 per person, based on two or more people in a group. For more information about this and other tours offered by Hidden Inca Tours, visit HiddenIncaTours.com.


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