Consider A Las Vegas Wedding

Las Vegas is almost as famous for weddings as it is for gambling. There are wedding chapels on practically every street corner and in almost every major casino. There are chapels that specialize in themed weddings, complete with Star Trek characters. Of course there are elegant weddings as well as simple weddings to choose from, and everything in between.

If you're thinking about getting married but want to avoid the hassles of a wedding, run away and get married in Vegas. It takes a lot of people and a great deal of money to stage a formal wedding. In Las Vegas, from begining to end, getting married takes a matter of minutes and very few dollars. There are even wedding chapels in Vegas that will rent you a wedding gown and/or tuxedo, although formal wear is not required. There are also wedding chapels that will rent costumes for theme weddings.

Virtually any kind of wedding packages imaginable can be ordered, from a simple package offering no frills, to weddings with all the bells and whistles. Vegas wedding packages can be found that include live music, professional photographers, full service spa packages for the bride and the bridal party to enjoy before the wedding, and a host of luxurious wedding touches. Vegas has been home to underwater weddings, skydiving weddings, nudist weddings, and pretty much any other form of wedding ceremony you can think of. In Las Vegas there are even professionals dedicated to throwing bachelor and bachelorette parties for soon to be brides and grooms. A service much appreciated by brides of honor and best men.

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Many people, especially young women, dream of fairy tale weddings with the parents of the bride paying for everything. However, a growing number of people are opting to get married in Las Vegas because it's far more affordable, much quicker and easy. Plus, a Vegas wedding and the honeymoon can take place one right after the other without having to go anywhere.

In Las Vegas, no wedding request is out of the question provided what is requested is legal in the state of Nevada. From the simply to the lavish, or from the elegant to the totally campy, there are wedding chapels for all tates. Where else than in Las Vegas is it possible to find a wedding chapel with pink fuzzy carpets and candles on one street corner, and a fully equipped dungeon for BDSM fetish lovers to exchange vows in on another, and a 1950's decor chapel a few doors down that has an Elvis impersonator presiding over the wedding? Nowhere else in the world is the answer.

Vegas is one of the easiest cities in the world in which to get married. The one rule is that all parties must be of legal age and must be consenting. So remember to bring proof of age, which in Clark County, Nevada is 18 years old. However, the legal age to drink and gamble in Las Vegas is 21.

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