Make Money While Travelling To Continue Travelling

While at University, my goal was to earn an MBA. I assumed an MBA would secure a high paying position, entitling me to a corner office somewhere in a maze of other offices, and my life would be wonderful. However, during my studies I came across a bit of advice that changed my life by totally refocusing my goals. The advice was, "A career you do not enjoy, no matter how well compensated you are, is employment you'll never find happiness doing, nor succeed at. Something you love doing, no matter how little you earn initially, is a career in which you will find great happiness and ultimate success."

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Zen yes, but I took it to heart. My passion's always been travel. I left University before getting a MBA, settling for a BBA. I then set off with no destination in mind, literally going wherever the wind blew me and fate set me down.

I was a wandering Vagabond for over two decades. Though I passed on the opportunity to start and build a career, I came to regret nothing. For many years after I took my first step on my journey without destination, duration, or defined route, I questioned my choice. That was until I returned to my home town to say a final good-bye to my dying mother. Having returned to where I was born and raised I looked up family members and old friends. Of all my friends and family members, I was one of just a few that had been abroad, and none of those who had traveled did so for any length of time. No one I knew had seen what I had seen, been where I'd been, nor been exposed to other cultures long enough to fully understand and appreciate them. It was clear that I had nothing in common with anyone I grew up with, nor did we share anything of mutual interest. The only benefit returning home was to make it clear that had I stayed on the path I followed during my quest for a MBA, my life would be what I consider a living Hell. Rooted and burdened down by commitments, while complying with the social norms required to gain acceptance, and all the while living a life devoid of adventure is my definition of Hell.

I'm writing this because I assume there are others like myself who would love to shuck the yoke of conformity and see the world's wonders if only they could afford to do so. Well, the solution need not be winning a lottery... although that would work. Instead, consider making a living by sharing your travel experiences, or by offering your services to others while you're traveling.

Following are articles detailing how I earn a living while continuously traveling the globe, as well as what other lifestyle travellers do to finance their never ending treks...

  • Be Paid To Travel
  • Make Money Writing About Your Travels
  • Capture Your Travels On Film And Cash In
  • Offer Your Services To The Travel Industry
  • Travel Free As A Travel Companion
  • Experienced Travellers Make The Best Tour Guides
  • Your Travel Experience Makes You An Ideal Liasion
  • Helping Others To Help Yourself
  • House-Sitting
  • Sky-Divers, White Water Rafters, Rock Climbers, Etc. Needed
  • Translators Are Always Required By Someone, Somehwere
  • Become A Roving Travel Agent And Cash In
  • Have Pilot License, Will Travel

Most people do not appreciate how vast the tourism industry is, nor how many millions of people are needed worldwide to keep the industry's collective wheels turning. Nor do most people realize the wide range of skills, training and experiences that are in constant demand globally by the tourist industry. It's this demand that presents lifestyle travellers with almost inexhaustible opportunities to travel continuously, enjoy life to it's fullest, and do so with someone else picking up part or all of the expenses.

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