Make Money Writing About Your Travels

I've met many freelance writers of travel book and articles, few of whom seem to have anywhere they call home. I'd bump into them time and again in places far removed from our last encounter. For example, I ran into a delightful French lady, Charlotte, who wrote travel guide books, articles for travel magazines and websites, as well as contributed articles for the travel sections of newspapers. We first met in Uzbekistan while she was researching a book about the Silk Road. Long cut off and virtually inaccessible behind the Cold War Iron Curtain, the Silk Road became a popular tourist destination in the early 90s. We met again many months later, 2800 kilometers away in Moscow, where brutal weather had caused inbound flights to be delayed or turned away.



BackpackersFlights from within the CIS, (the collection of independent countries that once were CCCP states), arrive at Moscow's Domodedovo Airport, but departed from Sheremetyevo International Airport. Transferring passengers need to take a shuttle between the two airports. Foreigners require transit visas to travel from one airport to the other since it's necessary to actually enter Russia to do so. Charlotte, like myself and many other travellers had been delayed, causing us to miss connections. Thus we were all in possession of passports with expired transit visas, and therefore ineligible to enter Russia. The airport security people had to go by the book, leaving them with no option but to detain us all in the airport security area, transporting us under guard to the International airport shortly before departure of the alternative flights we'd each been booked on.


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At that point in my life I didn't think it odd to be in a Moscow airport and bump into a resident from France that I knew from Uzbekistan, who had just flown in from Tbilisi International Airport in Georgia. Considering I'm Canadian, and had just arrived from the newly opened Ashgabat International Airport in Turkmenistan, en route to Prague, such a one in a million chance meeting should have been a shock. However, it had happened before, and I assume to Charlotte too, so it make for a pleasant, but not unique experience. In fact, I was delighted to find a familiar face in the crowd of detainees. We were all going to be there for at least 10 hours, so passing the time reviewing her notes of aventures along the Silk Road, and looking through photos and videos, made for a very enjoyable experience.


This meeting occurred when the internet had already become my main focus for earning an income while still being able to wander the globe. It was Charlotte's profession that convinced me to focus on travel websites, writing travel articles, and the promotion of travel related affiliate programs to finance my travels. Charlotte was never in Paris for more than a few weeks at a time, usually being somewhere else researching a new book or something. Since her's was the life I wanted for myself, I adopted my own version of it.


I will be writing detailed tutorials of ways anyone can earn an income while traveling, complete with contact information to follow up on and links to get readers started, rather than just a series of "How To" article. Stay tuned.