Graphic Designer Alyssa Erin Baker & New Mascot

Vagabond Travel recently held a competition to find a graphic artist to create a new logo. It had to be based on a mascot that could be animated whenever it needs to be. It also had to be a graphics theme to carry through the redesign and future graphics needs of this website.

Below is the Vagabond Travel mascot created by Alyssa Erin Baker.

Vagabond Travel Logo


The new graphics theme is already used for the Vagabond Travel Facebook page and Vagabond Travel Twitter page and will be the graphics theme carried through the entire new website. As well as the new Vagabond Travel blog and website, the new mascot/logo will appear on business cards, letter heads, banner ads, staff T-shirts, and so on. BTW, the new website that will launch at the same time the Vagabond Travel team sets out on its world trek will be at


AlyssaMy name is Alyssa Erin Baker. I'm currently in my senior year at Grand Valley State University. I'm a student of film, video and animation. I’ve loved cartoons since I was old enough to have my eyes glued to a TV screen, and drawing cartoons is what I love to do most.

Nothing makes me feel better than getting a smile out of someone when they see what I’ve created, and I hope to be making people smile for years to come.

The best way to contact me if you're interested in my work and want to discuss a project is via email.

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