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If you have a travel related business, such as a travel agency, vacation resort, tourist attraction, hotel, or you are a tour operator you should be advertising on Vagabond Travel.

There are 4 methods of advertising to choose from to promote your business on Two of the choices are for banner ads, another is a highlighted text link. The current priced for banner and highlighted text link ads is just $5 for 90 days. There is also a permanent promotional option as well, and it's just $5 as well.

The highlighted text ad option is an anchor text link. Text links can say whatever the advertiser wishes as long as it fits on a single line. The message can display on any page the advertiser chooses. An example is below.

Find affordable hotel accommodations using

The option that's by far the most beneficial to promote a tour of any kind, a hotel or resort, a tourist attraction, etc. In effect, this is an opportunity to have a full page advertisement on Vagabond Travel that describes in detai what the advertiser's tourism related service is. For example, Hidden Inca Tours is a permanent promotional page of a tour operator.

Option 1: 728x90 pixel leaderboard banner. $5 for 90 day display on nay page the advertiser chooses, other than the home page. The home page has only one leaderboard banner and it displays in the footer. Click Here

Option 2: 300x350 pixel banner ad. Displays for 90 days for just $5. These banner ads are only displayed in the upper part of the right hand sidebar as seen on this page. Unfortunately not every page has a sidebar. To claim one of these pages, Click Here

Option 3: Permanent highlighted text links similar to the link above are preferred by advertisers seeking targeted traffic because they stand out. They are also idea for advertisers seeking a permanent back link. To create a backlink a prime keyword should be used for the anchor text The link will be added for you within 48 hours. Please note, only one advertiser is able to add his or her anchor text link on a specific page. To get your permanent link, click here.

Option 4: Another permanent link that is popular with advertisers is the full page promotion. This option is the same price as the anchor text link. However, the content for the page has to be provided by the advertiser. To have a write up about your tour, hotel or toursit attraction added permanently to this website click here.

Naturally advertisers are able to purchase more than one ad placement, and can choose to use different banners and/or keyword anchor text.

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