Seldom Seen Adventures

Seldom Seen AdventuresSeldom Seen Adventures are the people to join to enjoy rarely seen, southern Utah vistas, deep canyons, expansive views, and monolithic hoodoos.


If you're looking for the same experience as you read about in a blog post recently, or maybe you saw photos of Antelope Canyon and the Wave, Seldom Seen Adventures will deliver.


The folks at Seldom Seen Adventures provide an experience of solitude meddled with adventure, while sharing rarely seen corners of Earth.They want to help you get the photographs that have never been seen.




If this sounds like your version of a southern Utah Adventure vacation, call...


Seldom Seen Adventures

Tel: 1-888-418-9908



Introducing a new venture... “Seldom Seen Fatties Bike Shop”

Help up and coming guiding business expand...

Nick and Julie Smith run Seldom Seen Adventures and are opening a new venture – “Seldom Seen Fatties Bike Shop” – a shop that focuses on rental and tours using bikes with tires that can overcome the challenges of riding over the dense sands of Kane County, Utah.

Learn more about the campaign visit or view the video below...