Skiing In Kopaonik, Serbia

Kopaonik is one of the larger mountain ranges of Serbia. It's located in the central part of country and extends on into North Kosovo. Its highest mountain is Pančić's Peak, which is 2,017 metres above sea level. Kopaonik is also the major ski resort area of Serbia, with a total of 25 ski lifts able to lift 32, 000 skiers an hour. A 118 square kilometer national park that was established in 1981 occupies the central part of the Kopaonik plateau.


The popularity of skiing in Kopaonik, Serbia has grown continuously since the end of the communist era. This is especially so among skiers wanting to move away from the commercial skiing facilities of Central and Northern Europe. Skiers wanting to forego crowded, over used and continuously groomed slopes comprised mostly of manufactured snow welcome Kopaonik's more natural skiing experience. With a snow range from 1770 to 2017 metres above sea level, Kopeonik is what many skiers’ dreams.


Nebeske Stolice Hotel, Kopaonik


Located 3 hours from the nearest airport, Kopaonik is worth the effort required to get there because of the great cross-country skiing, night skiing, sleigh rides, ice-skating and the other winter activities the area has become famous for.


Skiers can sample national dishes such as Burek, a cheese and spinach pastry, and Pljeskavica, a juicy Serbian hamburger made using pork, lamb and beef. Old favorites such as burger, chips and pizza are still on the menu, and the incredibly inexpensive beer is likely to delight holiday makers looking for more than just skiing!



Thriving from the tourism income the mountain provides, Kopaonik is attracting luxury hotels providing entertainment and accommodation to skiers. The available accommodations can handle more than 5,000 tourists, and more hotel rooms are being added continuously. A word of caution though, the local bars and clubs make Kopaonik a destination more suited to younger holiday makers.


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There are 3 different types of piste at Kopaonik that cater to beginner skiers, intermediates and experts, with the longest run being 3.5km. There are English speaking instructors teaching both skiing and snowboarding disciplines. The advanced runs down the Kopaonik are a primary incentive for many skiers to choose Kopaonik as their skiing holiday destination. The 6 runs that fit into the expert category at Konaci are 79 degrees at their steepest point. Expert skiers on Konaci easily reach speeds of over 50mph, and experience jumps with airtime of over 8 seconds.

Snow fall starts in August, or at the latest early September, and lasts through to early March, so skiers should plan their trip accordingly.