Independent tour guides, take advantage of Vagabond Travel's promotion offer...

Vagabond Travel is the only online promoter of global travel options that offers independent tour guides and tour operators the opportunity to promote the full details of their service to a very targeted market. You have questions no doubt, and we have rules to comply with, so here it is.


FAQ (Frequestly Asked Questions)

Q: What do I need to provide Vagabond Travel to take advantage of this amazing free promotional opportunity?
A: All you need to provide us with is a written itinerary of your tour or tours. It is recommended that if you have photos and videos, you submit them too.



Q: Who creates the page or pages promoting my tour(s) on
A: We will create and upload a page for every tour submitted by an advertiser.


Q: Can I share the link to my tour information?

A: Yes, of course!


Q: If Vagabond Travel creates graphics, video slideshows or edits video I submit, do I get copies and can I use them on other websites?

A: Absolutely, on condition any copyright release information or embedded water marks giving credit for graphic design, video editing, and/or music remains intact.


Q: Is there a cost involved to have my tour details permanently included on

A: Yes, but it is incredibly inexpensive. There is a one time set up fee of just $5.00 (five dollars). To learn more click here.



The rules are simple....


1. The tour itinerary submitted must be in English.


2. There need be no price points included in the information submitted. The reason for this is that we will not be including pricing in the information about your tours. You may change your pricing at some point and this is a permanent promotion page.


3. Photos and/or videos submitted for inclusion with the tour information must be your own property, and not content to which someone else holds copyright.


4. If you wish to include testimonials, the only acceptable forms are video testimonials.


5. Videos to be included with submitted tours must be raw footage. We'll edit video as required. No videos uploaded to shared services such as YouTube please. The reason it that we need to have control of the video display in case there is ever cause to edit it or remove it for some reason.


NOTE: If you are submitting video or photos to include with your tour, Vagabond Travel reserves the right to add watermarks, edit, alter, or crop any and all submitted content prior to publication.


If you provide photos, and more than 10 are accepted, Vagabond Travel reserves the right to create a slideshow video using the submitted photos. There is no charge for this service. If a soundtrack or voice over is added, Vagabond Travel will provide the added content free of charge. We will issue a copyright release to the submitting tour guide or tour operator in the event the finished video is to be used on other websites, or uploaded to online video sharing services such as YouTube.


If you wish credits included in the final edits of submitted video footage your company name, logo, and contact information it needs to include with your submission.


Submission Of Your Tour Itinerary


To submit your itinerary information you can either email The Vagabond if the entire email, including attachements, is under 5 MB. If you wish to submit large numbers of photos, do so using multiple emails so none exceed 5 MB. If you wish to submit videos you have the option of using any uploading service, such as DropBox, Google Docs, etc. and then send us the link to download your footage.


If you are comfortable uploading content via an FTP client, request a temporary FTP account be created for you in the same email that includes your initial request to have your tour itenerary published on Vagabond Travel. There are no file size restrictions, nor number of file limits imposed when submitting content via FTP. If you have any question, contact us.