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Travel To Albania

Travel To Albania By Air

The easiest way to getl to Albania is by air. Albanian Airlines is the national airline which works in collaboration with Tyrolean Airways, and provides service to most major European cities. The airport, Mother Teresa, is 26 km from Tirana. A tourist bus is leaves every 3 hours for the city center and the drive takes 30 minutes. Taxis are available round the clock, and there are also rental cars available. It's recommended to prebook if you plan to pick up a rental car at the airport. While waiting for any transport service, tourists can check out the duty free shops, bank, eateries and at the airport.

Travel To Albania By Sea

When traveling by sea, try the ferry service provided by world class Venezia Lines. The main ports for ferry arrivals in Albania are:

* Durres, is reached by ferry from the Italian ports of Bari, Brindisi, Trieste, and Ancona.

* Vlora, which has ferry connections from, Bari, and Brindisi.

* Saranda ferry connections can be borded at the port in Corfu.

* Shen Gjini can be reached by ferry connections from Bari.

Travel To Albania By Bus

Bus is another option to use when traveling to Albania. Buses to Albania depart from Istanbul, Athens and Sofia.

Travel To Albania By Car

If you are traveling by car, the road networks from the bordering nations of Montenegro, Macedonia, and Greece, as well as the Kosovo region, leave a lot to be desired when it comes to a pleasant drive. Most of the motorways leading to Albania, other than in Greece, are not in the best of repair. It is recommended that, if at all possible, travellers touring by car enter Albania via Greece. However, even when driving up from Greece, roads connecting to Albania are few and not in the best condition once you cross into Albania.

Within Albania, there is a network of 18,000 km, out of which only 7450 km are main roads, for local travelers. Many of the roads in Albania are in poor condition, especially the secondary routes and rural road network. Safety precautions should be taken when driving on such roads, and a lower speed maintained.

Driving at night should be avoided because of the absence of street lights except within urban centres.

Albanias drive on the right-hand side of the road, as is the case through all of continental Europe.

There is a shortage of gas stations in the countryside, so filling the gas tank completely when passing through urban centres is recommended. Also, there is no national vehicle recovery system in Albania, so travelers should be prepared for any emergency or breakdown, and always carry your International Driving Permit and national driving license.

Albania is endevouring to improve the internal road network, but it will be a long process, extending to decades before being completed. Plus, the repairs, reconstruction, as well as new road construction is centred in major centres and working outwards, so rural roadways will be in poor repair for a long time to come. This is unfortunate, because the Albanian countryside is spectacular but often missed because motoring visitors will not venture where quality roadways do not exist.

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Important Albania Travel Information

Items you may bring into Albania without having any customs duty being levied:

1. 1 liter of spirits or 2 liter of wine
2. 250ml of eau de toilette
3. 200 cigarettes or 50 cigars or 250g of tobacco
4. 50ml of perfume.


Items that are prohibited to carry while visiting Albania are firearms, narcotics and ammunitions.


Removing precious metals, books, antiques, works of art, and items of national or historic value from Albania requires special export permits.

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